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We help businesses grow

by adopting the latest technology

Who are we?

We at iMentor specialize in working with cutting edge technology to help our clients maximize their investments in technology. We do the heavy lifting by providing consulting services, application development and integration services to our clients, so that they can stay focused on their business and competition while leaving technology worries to us. We invest continuously in our people, in research and upskilling them to stay abreast with the new technologies and maintain our edge.

What do we do?

We offer consulting services for complex technical requirement by engaging some of very best consultants in the industry and also get in to long term revenue partnerships on a case to case basis.

  • Dev Ops Enablement

    Devops is a set of practices that ensures quick and continuous delivery to users by reducing time to market without compromising quality. By making frequent deliveries to customer and incorporating changes and improvements from app monitoring and feedback, organizations can build products and solutions which is highly reliable and stable. From our experience in developing and delivering enterprise software we know and understand the areas which contribute to delays in various stages of software development life cycle. How do you transition to devops from existing development, test and deployment processes and infrastructure? Which are the right tools that may augment this transition? Devops is a culture change and you cannot do that in a day or hire a separate team to do devops and get overnight results. Devops adoption must not be abrupt but gradual. We help customers identify and eliminate constraints which are limiting their organization in achieving its goals rapidly.

  • High End Technical Consulting

    If you are in the process of architecting a new system for your business, deliberating what the is right choice, technology or way to implement it in a cost effective way or if you want to modernize existing enterprise systems, or integrate them with other in-house or 3rd party systems, our consultants can guide you throughout your journey by brining in real world experience and expertise on multiple technologies and successful projects.

  • Custom Application Development and Maintenance

    We have expertise around building custom applications for both server and clients including Windows, iOS, Android. We engage in trun key as well as TnM based projects for building and maintaining applications for our customers.

  • Big Data and Machine Learning Services

    Our Big Data and Machine Learning practice has been on the fore front of helping customers adopt the new innovations in this field and become more comeptitve. We have built solutions for our customers based on Machine Learning algorithms in the field of customer management, predictive analysis, image processing etc. Our experts have a cumulative experience of more than 15+ years and can help you understand and leverage the benefits in the most optimum way possible.

  • Product Development Partnerships

    On a very selective case to case basis we get into long term partnerships with customers who want to outsource their complete product development and management and just focus on their core business. In most of these cases, we have long discussions and carefully work to find synergies with our prospective partners and draw out long term win-win roadmaps for all involved stakeholders.

What we believe in?

We believe that information by itself means very little till we corelate disparate bits of information and create knowledge collectively that can help businesses. We guide our clients and partners to optimize use of technology by bringing in our technology expertise and combining it with their domain expertise to maximize value for their investments.